Because I now have the mantra, the mission, and the means to put into practice and finally to (paper), what I’ve been yearning to do for years.
  • the mantra – “why not?” seriously, why ask why…when you can ask why not? Why not try something new every day, wake up and think about life from a different angle, discover as many of the delicacies and disillusionments that one can devour in an lifetime? Why not? If you won’t do it, I will. And if you will, do it with me.
  • which leads me to the mission – to try something new – eat somewhere new – go somewhere new – as much as I literally can. Starting on this day, 1-23-11, I solemnly swear to subject myself (and those around me) to as much adventure/misadventure as I possibly can as I meet every challenge and cross every bridge the ‘whynot-way’ and I will record it as it happens, right here, for the next 365 days.
  • so that would be the means. this (b)log is for keeping track of me, making this tangible, something I can look back on, a way to relive memories, and as an outlet for expressing the nuances of each one that leave me tonguetied – words are my best bet.

And the fine print. Because I feel like I should have some. 1. Most of this will take place in the general vicinity of where I’ve made my home for the past year, a quiet little oasis in Southern California I like to call lalaland. I have a feeling that by the time this wraps (in its official form), that nickname may take a backseat to something more meaningful, as I search out the nooks,crannies&nuances that will make this place more like h o m e. 2. Don’tjudgeme, but feel free to challengeme. Load me up with ideas, tell me where you’ve gone that’s changed your life, I dare you. 3. My minimum for posting is once a week. Just so I have a minimum. I’ll likely post more, but I won’t post less.

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