strip me of my wisdom, but don’t take my bendy straws.

At 7am this morning, knowing I had a lunchdate with an oral surgeon to see if I needed to have my wisdom teeth yanked, the thought of turning what would be the most major surgery I’ve ever had into a ‘whynot’ decision, was mildly entertaining. Now that I see my molars in widescreen, HD display, it’s a little less funny. 2 thoughts- 1. I’m hungry, and I hate jello 2. The X-ray proves that I am, in fact, a chimp. I wonder if they’ll let me take it home for my ‘record keeping’ (framing)

In all seriousness, whynot take care of serious health concerns? A few days of chipmunk cheeks and vicodin vision, and I’ll be good as new – word on the street is that bendy straws are still poohpooh’ed.

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