deepsea d i v e for your dinner.

It’s week 2 of DineLA’s restaurant week, a foodie favorite that lures the masses out of the comfort of their homes and into fancypants eateries with reasonable prices and enticing prix fixe menus.

Which is nice.  And a pretty great way to get in the door of a place you’ve been dying to try.  But it also means crowds, and hullaballoo.  So DineLA dinner plans were shunned, and Sushi Masu was the eatery of choice for an adventurous and truly authentic sushi dinner.

Tucked away in West LA, it hit me as an intimate, happy, honest place to head if you’re hungry for real(ly good) sushi served up by skillful chefs who know their fish – be prepared to enjoy hearty plates amidst lighthearted chatter, and don’t come with a chip on your shoulder.  You will eat what’s on your plate, and you will smile the whole time.


I wish I could tell you what I had, but my mind was too busy keeping up with my mouth to take many mental notes.  Seated at the sushi bar under the watchfull eyes and skilled hands of Masu himself, dinner was ‘give us anything you recommend’ – a dizzying whirlwind deep sea dishes – tuna, salmon, albacore, yellowtail, mackerel, sea eel, blue crab hand roll, followed by ‘sail away’ boat crafted carefully from an assortment of fresh fruit.


Perfect, succulent end to a perfectly succulent dinner away from the DineLA madness.  And it was fun to check out the posters on the walls and identify all the sea creatures that had found their way onto my plate in one night alone.  Made be sit back and think about retiring my boat shoes –

“whynot” dive right in, no questions asked? you can always dry off.

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