Venturing into the unknown….{corner of Main St, that is}

“Hidden”.  Could you possibly come up with a better name for a bar, somewhat tucked away into an eclectic/cozy nook on the corner of Santa Monica/Navy-ish?  I can’t.  Still can’t picture exactly what it looked like, because it morphed into a classier, bouchier, version called “Cache” several months ago.  This is all research, my friends.  All I wanted to do on a weeknight with good company in towe, was wander around and look for what had become of this cool spot that was once upon a time called ‘hidden’.  Wandering became a brisk walk, which only drove my appetite to ear-ringing levels, and we walked into the first dimly lit, ‘tucked away’ ish spot we set eyes on, 1330 main st, a hop/skip/jump from Chaya.  Turns out this is it, not hidden, not cache, but the newest iteration, 13 Ten Lounge.

Atmosphere: enticing.  romantic – almost a little much for my palate – wandering around for a good spot to relax isn’t uncommon, but having to shuffle between couple after couple spooning on chaise after chaise lounge got a little cumbersome.  opted for a bench seat with good lighting and backs to the wall, with a good space heater nearby, good for people watching.

Service: polite, prompt, in&out of your way.  couldn’t recommend.  i hate when that happens.

Chow&Chasers: I liked it.  The prosciutto e funghi pizza was inhaled, the smoked salmon I took a chance on fell in the unfortunate category of things I should probably know not to take chances on since I don’t like them in the first place.  That aside, my mojito was perfect, and felt right in the moment.

I did learn a cool melty trick for making candles look old & creepy in a modern, fancy way.  let one melt, stick another on top of it when its halfway melted, and it’ll take on a form of it’s own.  serve on a cool saucer with a bitty handle, and you’ll feel like you’re carrying it down a long hallway in the 1800s in your lace nightgown.

Best part about this wild venture on a Wednesday night?  Didn’t know the name of the new bar til we walked out and picked up the menu, and couldn’t find ANYTHING online until my handydandydaily Thrillist feed appeared in my inbox, and there she was.  complete with link to the site, menu, the works.

If you go, find a way to sit in the cabana booths to the left, go with a group, cause you might have to huddle (space heaters scarce), and be prepared for strong drinks to spike gregarious conversation.  then ask your server what the bar’s next name will be.

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