That, my friends, refers to the “diddy dozen” – a dozen hot, freshly baked cookies from a Westwood favorite – Diddy Riese Cookies.  The cookies here aren’t fancy, but at 35 cents a pop, you can f e a s t.  Granted, you don’t have to – you could dig some change out of your pocket for a cookie or two, but with the diddy dozen at a price tag of $3.45, the curious devil on my shoulder would never turn down the chance to sample each flavor (and 2 twice) for less than a combo meal at Taco Bell.

I’ll say this though…there’s a definite love/hate relationship with said curious devil – and standing in line for hours (7ish minutes) in the frigid night (sub-55 degrees), I drew the line – I decided that I couldn’t bring myself to dive facefirst into one of Diddy’s equally famous Makeyourown ice cream sandwiches.  So the curious was capped, and I settled for digging into the bag of warm cookies until I was satisfied that I’d tried each and every flavor at least once, and some accidently twice, or thrice.  Takeaways?  Other than a bag of crumbs?  Snickerdoodle rules all.   Double chocolate with nuts is the browniest cookie I’ve ever had, and the only thing that beats a ‘candy chips’ cookie is one with actual M&Ms, but then again, you’ll pay more than 35 cents for a handful of those.

And so, a night out with some friends in Westwood became one big guilty pleasure, starting with a few authentically greasy slices of pizza at Enzo’s and culminating around the corner in a deliciouslydiddy end.  So, when given the chance to satisfy your sweet tooth in oh so many ways, without completely blowing your allowance, “whynot do a dozen?!”

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