dress to impress/transgress/make a mess

“why don’t you… wear violet velvet mittens with everything?”

{diana vreeland, harpers bazaar}

The truly random, truly inspired, completely unfiltered musings of the Harper’s Bazaar legend never cease to make me smile. In this instance, her thoughts on letting something seemingly absurd be a part of your ‘signature’ – a place where I personally think we could all stand to take the serious down a notch & crank the silly way up, it just makes life more entertaining.

But – in the case of violet velvet mittens (great alliteration aside), velvet reminds me of itchy Christmas dresses, so I’d stick with something less synthetic – and if Diana Vreeland spent 5 minutes with an iphone in hand, I’m pretty sure she’d go the fingerless route in a heartbeat too.  So, whynot make something silly signature….for the sole reason that it makes you smile? (how’s that for alliteration?)

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