It’s astronomically easy to amuse me.

It takes a conscious effort to inject cheer into a rainy day in LA.  Everything just seems to take longer and consume more energy, just by default –dressing defensively (for me, that means piling on every colorful and/or water-resistant accessory I own), driving defensively (this is huge and inexplicably stressful), and making an overall concerted effort to stay motivated to go about life as normal, without the typical steroidal dose of Vitamin D we Californians take for granted.

And it’s on these days(and nights) that I’ve realized the particular importance of sitting back and letting the little things surprise, delight, and a m u s e  me.  For me, tonight, it was turning my only errand of the night into an adventure.  Instead of filling up at the dinky, drab gas station on the corner, I decided to brave the 0.4 miles to the big, beautiful, shiny, {rocketship} Arco ‘Helios House’ gas station on the corner of Olympic&Robertson.  And that little turn made all the difference.

I actually filled up my car til my forearm hurt from squeezing the trigger…I had a definite case of shinythingsyndrome, and I liked it. {this from the perpetual half-tank-filler-upper, who quits around $30 for the sole reason that I get tired of standing there and pulling it} And voila – my dreary night was transformed into a sparkly neon realm of possibility.  Granted, I still chose Thai delivery for dinner and poo-poo’ed every activity that took me 5+ feet from the sofa, but I was perfectly content to do so, having inserted a little adventure into my night already.

So – Whynot make just a little effort to let the little things bring a little more sun into your life? make your own sunshine?  or is that pushing it?  you tell me.  I won’t forgo my yellow raincoat, or my galoshes, or the chance to stop in every puddle I pass, but I will take a little less ‘defensive action’ when the next rainy day rolls around, and let life be a little easier.

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