Why me

because I don’t like bucket lists, normalcy bores me, and writing makes my ❤ happy.

so this isn’t a bucket list, but more of an effort to do/see/try everything that crosses my path every day.  sure, there’s an ever-growing list of things that i would like to see cross that path, that i’d like to commit to doing, but instead of taking more time to collect them, i’d rather just cross them off.

and the only way to avoid normalcy is purposely – here’s to exploring the everyday in a new light – batting an eye where you never would’ve, and searching for inspiration in all the nooks & crannies that would otherwise get dusty.  this is my attempt to make my experiences more memorable just through recall, recognition, and reverberation throughout this blog.

there are few things more satisfying than crossing things off a to-do list (especially if you push really hard on the pen tip or use a permanent marker and let it bleed through to the next page) life can quickly turn into a tangled web when we let ourselves get caught up in the spiraling ‘to do’s’, and this is my way of untangling that web long enough to catch (and share) my prey in the form of blogposts.  happy feasting.  for both of us.



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